News - 12 June'09

Ющенко: Наше зерно – это украинская нефть

Президент Украины Виктор Ющенко позитивно оценивает достижения сельского хозяйства в последние годы. Об этом он заявил в ходе открытия ХХІ международной выставки-ярмарки "Агро-2009".

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News - 09 June'09

"Всё о депозитах в Украине" -

Информационный сервер сообщает о запуске нового проекта: «Всё о депозитах в Украине» -

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News - 08 June'09

Ученый: В мире происходит отказ от рыночных свобод в пользу госконтроля

Сегодня в целом ряде государств происходит отказ от рыночных свобод в пользу государственного контроля, констатирует доктор экономических наук Сергей Кораблин.

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News - 08 June'09

Украинцы не боятся кризиса и научились извлекать из него пользу

Украинцы не поддались околокризисной панике.

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Middle-week thoughts - kmbs research (1) 10 June'09

Middle of the week thoughts: juvenile optimism vs knowledgeable pessimism

Our minds are inhabited with most realistic forcasts, as well as an erray of solutions to multiple economic problems: it’s essential that the data should be efficiently produced and promptly handled.

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Middle-week thoughts - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 05 June'09

Middle of the week thought: optimistic pessimism or pessimistic optimism

The Fourth Research-to-Practice Conference “Ukraine’s Integration into European and International Financial Community” was held under the auspices of NBU and reported a number of interesting figures reflecting growth of domestic economy.

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Real Estate - 19 June'09

A fully serviced modern manufacturing / warehousing facility

The building occupies a 0.80 hectare site with a floor space of 1650 m2.

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Blogs - Pavlo Sheremeta (3) 13 May'09

Call me euroasian.

China became the third economy in the world, which has recently passed round Germany. Chinese yuan will be the world currency soon. The unified market of Shanghai and Hong Kong will be the World Financial Center, not New York and London. So, the first thing we should do is to recognize Ukraine as not only European country but Euroasian country too. And it is better to stop pulling faces when we hear the word «Euroasian». There is nothing wrong with this word. We are not just Eastern Europe. We may also be Western Asia. To be more precise, we can be a bridge from Eastern Europe to Western Asia, and vice versa, and this is our great potential advantage, not disadvantage.

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