Publications - (6) 13 March'09

Должен банку - купи его долги

Инвесткомпании откровенно изощряются, предлагая клиентам механизмы реструктуризации долгов. Помимо технологии, большая конкуренция вынуждает их ужиматься по цене, и без того невысокой.

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Publications - 04 March'09

Стоит ли перекупать залоговое имущество у банка?

Начальник отдела продаж продовольственной компании Валентин Карпенко пять лет откладывал деньги на квартиру. Финансовый кризис, вызвавший обвал цен на недвижимость, вдохновил его на долгожданную покупку.

Tags: PrivatBank, crysis, credit

Publications - (4) 27 February'09

Условная единица

Доллар обречен, но он будет дорогим до тех пор, пока не закончится кризис. Девальвация американской валюты вряд ли примет характер стремительного обвала.

Tags: default, credit, crysis, devaluation, dollar

Publications - (1) 20 February'09

Кредиты для Украины: дают – бери?

На весах экономического кризиса политический вопрос - стоит ли спасать украинскую экономику российскими и западными деньгами? Точнее - кредитами, за которыми стоят не только вечнозеленые Франклины и Линкольны, но и пакеты обещаний. И если с 16,5 млрд МВФ все вроде ясно, то разговоры о том, что на кремлевские 5 украинцы могут рассчитывать только в обмен на ГТС, не утихают.

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Investment advices - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 26 May'09

Yevhen Pentsak's advice: mad “money-happy spending” sweets to be replaced with bitter sober pills

Information background of the week: bankers are deeply concerned with heightened risks of mortgage loan defaults due to the borrowers’ ability to legally declare personal insolvency for as long as by the end crisis. “You go” – the first one in the row goes away under liquidation procedure. Second wave of financial crisis is expected to rise in autumn. We are starting to “feel” the real- estate market bottom line.

Tags: market, Yevhen Pentsak, investor, crysis, credit, real estate, NBU, deposit

Investment advices - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 27 April'09

Yevhen Pentsak's advice: crisis will teach and cure, but not everybody and not now

Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are suffering from the "hangover" after the explosion of the credit bubble and the fall on raw materials; the fixation of the dollar rate will not stand long in Ukraine and the rate will be within 8-14 UAH throughout the year.

Tags: crysis, investment portfolio, strategy, financial market, investment, investor, gold, hryvnia, euro, dollar, credit, Yevhen Pentsak

Investment advices - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 06 April'09

Yevhen Pentsak's advice: Ukrainian sandwich: crisis behind – elections in the middle – crisis ahead

Information background of the week: the recapitalization of Ukrainian banks, chances for IMF second tranche, the introduction of Ukrainian visas for Europeans, the growth of Ukrainian stock market indices, activity on the Ukrainian real estate market.

Tags: Yevhen Pentsak, credit, investment portfolio, investor, index, IMF, currency market, fund market, banking system

Middle-week thoughts - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 06 March'09

Middle-week thoughts: "I'll go and drown in a deep river"

DGF refused to guarantee deposits of physical persons, the pro-government politics keep pulling the leg, the government intend to print billions of hryvnya, which is going to make a lot of harm to collaboration with IMF. In general, a situation in Ukraine reminds a stalemate, and that is why we must try to work out the most essential problems...

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Calculators - 14 October'08

Credit calculator

The unique credit calculator developed by Mykhaylo Kolisnyk. All known additional payments which can accompany a credit are taken into account in it.
The calculator allows to calculate an effective credit rate and to plot the graph of cash flows both from the side of creditor and from the side of bank.
It is also possible to calculate and plot discounted cash flows.

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Glossary - 18 February'09


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