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Investment advices - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 16 February'09

Совет Евгения Пенцака: причины финансовых кризисов.

Взглянем на профессиональную литературу о причинах образования финансовых кризисов в возникающих экономиках (emerging markets). Существует несколько объяснений механизма их действия. В этот раз рассмотрим первый из них – переоцененная локальная валюта.

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Investment advices - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 02 February'09

Совет Евгения Пенцака: как заработать на дефолте.

Напугав инвесторов быстрым дефолтом, подставные компании скупают облигации Украины и украинских банков. Крупного перераспределения власти не избежать.

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Middle-week thoughts - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 20 August'09

Middle of the Week Thoughts: what’s the matter with economics? Should we change our point of view to avoid further mistakes?

A discussion was launched by The Economist in June, 2009 that challenged the wisdom of economic sciences (namely, macroeconomics) as lacking potency to make reliable forecasts. Anyway, no one has been keen enough at predicting the last financial crisis which (regarding the scope of it) is now fairly related to the Great Depression of 1929 in US.

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Middle-week thoughts - Yevhen Pentsak (50) 28 May'09

Middle-week thoughts: movable – immovable, movable – immovable, movable – imm…

Real estate investments are a subject that most often comes up the Ukrainian headlines. The etymology of the word (“real estate”) is quite complex and dates back to lat. realis that bares a meaning “genuine” (or even more authentic one “res” (“a thing”). Hence, to put it simple, real estate means some genuinely real thing! Have such views on the subject undergone dramatic changes since times of Romans?

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Real Estate - 06 July'11

Villa for sale on Bali

Quickly, there is a villa on Bali (Indonesia) for sale

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Real Estate - 31 March'10

Трехкомнатная квартира в живописном районе г.Львова

Отличная возможность приобрести в собственность трехкомнатную квартиру в живописном районе г.Львова

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Real Estate - 19 June'09

A fully serviced modern manufacturing / warehousing facility

The building occupies a 0.80 hectare site with a floor space of 1650 m2.

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Real Estate - 08 May'09


Apartments in a 6-storeyed building, delivery term – July, 2009.

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Real Estate - 12 March'09

Multifunction complex

Kyiv, Urickogo str., 16a, the plottage - 1,2267 ha, total area - 100 301 sq.m.

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Real Estate - 12 March'09

Elite housing complex (apartments)

Kyiv, Malopidval'na str., 13, two non-residential premises with an area of 835,9 sq.m. and 339,4 sq.m., total area - 41 523 sq.m.

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