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14 March'08

We offer you a balanced approach to investment strategy, which is built on the principles developed by Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz.

Investment strategy formation is one of the most important investment management tasks. Ukrainian fund market takes first steps to transparency growth, openness and liquidity.

High profitability of many Ukrainian shares came into the notice of western analysts and investors. The Ukrainian citizens also began to watch closely after the Ukrainian fund market and asset management companies. Among plenty of typical investment strategies some of them established a good reputation.

The last world researches show: if individual financial consulting companies have offered the realization of the most balanced diversified investment strategy for their clients, then the eligible investment portfolios of their clients would have much better “profitability – risk” correlation, than it was observed in fact.

Taking into consideration the Ukrainian fund market conditions - all its drawbacks and last tendencies, we suggest an approach to investment strategy forming, built on principles developed by Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz.

About Harry Markowitz’s theory

Harry Markowitz’s theory is famous among investors all over the world, because it is used by many western investment funds, investment banks, hedge-funds, and also enormous amount of private investors.

However each of its practical realization has its own «spice», because a fund market of every country is very specific: market participants have a different degree of knowledge, different correlation between speculators and ordinary investors, and, of course, there are differences in taxation of investors profit etc.

To the extent of fund market development permanently occurs adaptation of Markowitz optimal diversification to the market conditions. Well-informed reader in investment strategy sphere can be familiarized in detail with theoretical aspects of Markowitz's theory from popular academic materials.

However theory knowledge and proper algorithms of optimal portfolio calculation requires a complete concentration from user, permanent fund market information update, processing of public information from mass media and, accordingly, it requires a lot of time. We offer you a comfortable financial instrument in order to do this work for you.

Optimal portfolio calculation

Our approach involves an opportunity of optimal diversification among lots of investment funds which are managed by different asset management companies in Ukraine.

The basic idea of strategy underlies in applying all variety of investment strategies which are used by leading Ukrainian asset management companies.

We perform optimal diversification among the most liquid instruments of the Ukrainian fund market. We do what any asset management companies cannot perform in particular, integrating experience and abilities of all financial analysts who are working there.

This strategy considers most optimal in conditions when investor does not possess the detailed information about what occur inside every company which is presented in his investment portfolio.

Even possessing index strategy of the optimal investing, investor has to make every effort for updating information which comes from a fund market, integrate this information in the form of present investment portfolio correction, and, of course, look after his profitability. All these actions take lots of investor time, which he could spend on other pleasant things.

We offer you a special service - forming optimal investment portfolio on the Ukrainian fund market; it will help considerably economize your time and reasonably increase your capital.


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