Group of companies Ukrnaftohazinvest

03 January'12

Group of companies Ukrnaftohazinvest stands for experience of geological exploration, drilling and equipment of oil and gas fields,use of modern technologies,staff of highly-qualified specialists,organization, reliability, professionalism.

The Company’s strategic aim is organization of commercial extraction of natural gas and oil in the Western region of Ukraine. The goal set is achieved by means of dynamic increase in the scope of production and sale of hydrocarbons of own production as well as at the expense of development of new gas and oil fields.


Long-term development strategy is aimed at increasing production possibilities of fields and using of natural resources of the region rationally.

At the present stage of state development problems connected with production and consumption of hydrocarbons are not only of economic nature but of great social and political importance as well.

Projects implemented have contributed a lot:

  1. they provided additional supply of gas for industrial companies and to homes of Ukrainians,
  2. there appeared new work places,
  3. deductions to state and local budget went up.

We are grateful to a generous Ukrainian land and people for understanding in the course of implementation of our projects. We realize that the well-being of our country depends on how well we are able to use natural resources.

We intend to continue to strengthen our position in the market of Ukraine at the expense of implementation of world standards into production as well as involvement of long experience of specialists in the sphere.


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