Add gold and currency to your portfolio!

New investment instruments in our portfolio: metal deposits and foreign currency deposits.

Dear visitors!

From now  you can add to your investment portfolios

  • precious metal accounts (gold and silver)
  • foreign currency deposits (US dollar and Euro)

The portfolio management service will track for you the current value of bank metals and foreign currency.

Please pay attention to the fact that along with the possibility of adding metal accounts and foreign currency deposits to the investment portfolio, you also will be able to add "blue chips" shares, 238 investment certificates of mutual funds of Ukrainian asset management companies and UAH deposits with different interest rates.

Thus, today, the web-site service tracks the account profitability of investment portfolio, which can include:

  • UAH deposit,
  • precious metal account,
  • foreign currency deposit,
  • 238 investment sertificates of ukrainian mutual funds,
  • shares of "blue chips" of PFTS.

Please send us your wishes and suggestions regarding the work of web-site on or on our contact details.

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Project administration.


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