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15 May'09 (10 years ago)

Now it is more convenient to use the credit calculator!

Now it is easier to use a unique calculator Ц its HTML version is implemented on our web-site.

Tags: credit, calculators

Volodymyr Koval (10) 12 May'09 (10 years ago)

Make one more step to your prosperity at your spare time!

Welcome to the page dedicated to spending your leisure time in an interesting way, which also will be useful in the investment and managerial activities.

05 May'09 (10 years ago)

Get information about new investment proposals on-line!

From today you can get information about the publication of new investment offers on our web-site through the RSS feed Investment offers.

Tags: investments, investment offers, investor, real estate

Volodymyr Koval (10) 15 April'09 (10 years ago)

Add gold and foreign currency to your portfolio!

New investment instruments in our portfolio: metal deposits and foreign currency deposits.

Volodymyr Koval (10) 27 February'09 (10 years ago)

Find out about actual value of securities!

From now on our web-site you can find out the actual value of Ukrainian issuers' securities.

Volodymyr Koval (10) 24 February'09 (10 years ago)

Add your comment to web-site publications!

From now you have a possibility to comment publications on our web-site.

Volodymyr Koval (10) 12 February'09 (10 years ago)

Add shares in your portfolio!

From now you can add in your portfolio shares which are part of PFTS index (blue chips)!

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