Ukraine is waiting impatientlyr Euro-2012

30 March'10

UEFA President Michel Platini hopes that Ukraine will be well prepared for Euro 2012.

On the briefing, Platini said that in 10 days he will travel to Kiev in order to meet with the new president of Ukraine and the new government, and to get more guarantees.

Mr. Plantini was concerned that construction of a stadium in Lviv for the last time has not progressed.

"But I believe that we are still in the situation where we can have 4 stadium in Ukraine", - said the president of UEFA.

Platini also recalled on Executive Committee meeting in Bordeaux about the decision that in case of unavailability, the final part of Euro 2012 could be held in six locations: four in Poland and two Ukrainian.

"We believe in Ukraine and want to preserve the system of equality between Poland and Ukraine", - said Mr Platini.

"It could be a problem if Lviv stadium is not built and if Kiev stadium is not completed, the Executive Committee decided that if there is no capital,eather there is not Ukraine," - he added.



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