Creating your investment portfolio: strategy seleciton.

03 June'09

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Creating your investment portfolio: strategy seleciton.

Dear users!
Welcome to the page where you can start creating your portfolio.
“Invest adviser” is happy to offer you a unique tool aimed at creating your own investment portfolio.
On the grounds of the strategy you’ve elected, the system will balances a portfolio for you, as well as will keep track of the current value of assets in the portfolio mix and calculate portfolio’s profitability.
Tools operation is performed with use of most up-to-date financial techniques’ selection, (like, say Harry Markowitz’ concept of efficiency), adapted to the needs of Ukrainian financial market by a team of (KMBS – Kyiv Mohyla Business School) leading analysts.
So as to create tailored-to-your- needs customer portfolio you will have to take the following steps:
  1. Select a well-balanced investment strategy (see more).
  2. Get logged in/registered in (see more).
  3. Calculate your personal risk-acceptance ratio (see more).
  4. Estimate the amount you’re going to invest (see more).
  5. Calculate your well-balanced (in accordance to the strategy you’ve chosen) portfolio and save it to be filed in the service (see more).
After the portfolio has been successfully created, you can fill it with the assets at your choice, like securities, cash -or metal deposits. The service will track any underlying asset-related fluctuations and rotation and keep on-line computation of portfolio profitability, subject to current value of selected assets. A team of finance analysts’ will - accordingly - keep eye on profitability of the portfolio recommended for you to be opened.
For the detailed investigation of investment portfolio operations procedures just go to on this site. Help with Invest portfolios.
Now let’s get down to work and pick up the right investment strategy for you. Choose the market segments (put a checkmark) which will feature your investment portfolio thus taking decision on the relevant routine portfolio assets mixing strategies.

Choosing investment strategy

  Strategy name Portfolio
Profitability graph

Gold/cash – portfolio

Creating type:
manually, professional analyst aid

35% - in UAH
30% - in dollar
30% - in euro
5% - in gold

Rotation history and professional comments:
03.06.09 Yevhen Pentsak: The gold is on a positive trend and soon can exceed the annual maximum. Due to following factors an expectation of gold growth can appear: growth of inflation, large sales of state bonds to the USA and growth of euro to dollar ratio. A correction can begin soon, and that is why we sell a part of our gold in order to fix the profit. I recommend to rebalance the gold-currency portfolio in the following way: 35% - in hryvnya, 30% - in dollar, 30% - in euro, 5% - in gold.


Ukrainian stocks portfolio

Creating type:


Relevant portfolio performed in accordance with Markowitz theory

Rotation history and professional comments:
10.05.09 Yevhen Pentsak: Ukrainian market has exhibited growth over the last two months. As gaining market defined a prominent upward trend, optimal portfolio adjustment took place in accordance to Markovitz concept. The latter proved quite efficient over the last 30 years and I guess, might be very handy as far as current stock market situation in this country is concerned. This isn’t the only investment strategy to be applied for the current stock market situation, though. In case it fails to be efficient enough for this instance we will gladly suggest other useful techniques for application.


Mutual investment company (AMC) certificates portfolio

Creating type:


Relevant portfolio performed in accordance with Markowitz theory

Rotation history and professional comments:
12.10.09 Yevhen Pentsak: Optimal Markovitz model, which was used for investment certificates of the Ukrainian fund market, has worked at last! Otherwise speaking, investment portfolio of investment certificates may be created now. However, I recommend to be careful, and while choosing the final portfolio of investment certificates, it is necessary to pay special attention to the reliability of a certain securities firm and to the duration of its existance on the Ukrainian market.





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