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04 March'09

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The elite office center, 0.1 ha in the center of Kyiv. Permission for construction works realization is obtained, the total area according to the project - 1294 sq m.

Investment: “The Elite office center” project

Address: Grushevskogo str. 3, L’viv

Project costs: UAH 26 million

Owner: “Cadence company” Ltd.

Land area: 0,1 ha

Purpose: building and further maintenance of chess club, the total area according to the project - 1294 sq m.

The project concept:

A unique feature of the project is the location in the historic part of the town - the Mariinsky park, near the building of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Best hotels of Kiev are located in this area: «Dnepr», «Ukraine», «Khreshatik», «Gin Tama», «Hyatt» and a lot of most prestigious restaurants.

Respectable architectural design, combination of classical architectural forms with modern materials and construction technologies, and the unique location will be an absolute project advantage when choosing a location for the office construction.

Additional information - permission for construction works realization is obtained.

Rationale. Experts are fully confident that the demand for real estate in the central part of Kyiv will be always high, that is why under any conditions on the market, this land or realized projects could be sold profitably.

Risks. The main risk is the liquidity, i.e., the quick finding of a buyer for the project resale, especially in the current market conditions.


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