Hotel, unfinished building.

10 February'09

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Tsehova str. 1 Kulisha, L'viv. The hotel has 41 appartments, conference hall. It is 90% complete.

Investment: real estate (the hotel – unfinished building)

Town: Tsehova str. 1 – Kulisha, L’viv

Payment scheme: the price is subject to negotiation

Area: 2828,13 sq m, ground area – 410 sq m, 8 floors

Cost of 1 sq m: 1200 USD

ompleteness – 90 %.

Additional information - The hotel has 41 appartments, the client audience will consist of tourist groups, business forums and conferences (there is a conference hall in the hotel).

Rationale. Experts suppose that the demand for hotel property in Western Ukraine will increase with approaching of Euro 2012. You can expect a speculative growth for proposed hotel due to its good location and the originality of the  project. Supposedly that the hotel could be easy sold within two years. The main advantage of this proposal is a high level of completeness (90%), which eliminates the risk of unfinished construction.

Risks. The main risk is liquidity, i.e., the quick finding of a buyer for the hotel resale, as well as the cancellation of Euro 2012 in L’viv. Probability of this scenario is minor, since the building of the stadium is in the active stage, as well as the situation with the airport reconstruction. The construction of hotels in L’viv region is frozen, and therefore proposals for purchasing of almost finished hotels at the lowest prices will be very tempting for foreign investors.

The photos of the project and its location are shown below.

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