08 May'09

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Apartments in a 6-storeyed building, delivery term July, 2009.

Investment: real estate (apartments)

Town: L’viv

Payment scheme: via deposit-credit or investment certificate

Area: 45, 80, 100, 130, 170 sq m in 6-storeyed building

Cost of 1 sq m: from 5500 UAH up to 6500 UAH depending on the area, floor and placement

Delivery term: July, 2009

Reasoning. Experts estimate the demand for property in Western Ukraine as stable, and the investment in the real estate is considered the most attractive compared with other regions of Ukraine. The price usually rises by 500 UAH per sq m when delivering the building. You can expect a speculative growth for proposed accommodation due to its good location and the originality of the project. Supposedly the apartments could be easy sold for 8500-10000 UAH per sq m within two years.

We fix the price of sale of apartments in hryvnias, and if you take into consideration the possibility of raising the dollar to 12 UAH in late 2009, you can get a speculative increase in prices due to this component, or to save your future costs for the purchase of an apartment. Another factor for increasing the cost of real estate is a significant increase of the self-cost of construction activity, which has already reached the 7000 UAH per sq m. The main advantage of this proposal is a short term that remains to delivery of the building, eliminating the risk of unfinished construction.

Risks. The main risk is liquidity, i.e., the quick finding of a buyer for the house resale, as well as the overall reduction of housing demand (the collapse of real estate market) in L’viv. The probability of this scenario is minor in the L’viv region, and the losses will be minimal and only in a short period of time. Construction activity in L’viv region is frozen, and therefore proposals for buying high-class apartments in new buildings at minimum price would be tempting.

The current work status. The body is already fully built; the inside works are also coming to an end, and an individual heating is installing. The list of works performed during the delivery includes the determination of places for networks’ connection, the installation of external windows; the arrangement of the internal electrical networks; the installation of the external entrance doors, the walls plastering, the floor coupling, the counters instalation, the installation of the heating system along with an individual gas boiler.

The photos of the house location, where apartments are sold (as for 01.07.07), are shown below.

Click on a photo to enlarge it.

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