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Verified options at the Ukrainian market of the real estate. Analysis of expedience and risks of investing.

06 July'11 (8 years ago)

Villa for sale on Bali

Quickly, there is a villa on Bali (Indonesia) for sale

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31 March'10 (9 years ago)

“рехкомнатна€ квартира в живописном районе г.Ћьвова

ќтлична€ возможность приобрести в собственность трехкомнатную квартиру в живописном районе г.Ћьвова

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19 June'09 (10 years ago)

A fully serviced modern manufacturing / warehousing facility

The building occupies a 0.80 hectare site with a floor space of 1650 m2.

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08 May'09 (10 years ago)


Apartments in a 6-storeyed building, delivery term Ц July, 2009.

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12 March'09 (10 years ago)

Multifunction complex

Kyiv, Urickogo str., 16a, the plottage - 1,2267 ha, total area - 100 301 sq.m.

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12 March'09 (10 years ago)

Elite housing complex (apartments)

Kyiv, Malopidval'na str., 13, two non-residential premises with an area of 835,9 sq.m. and 339,4 sq.m., total area - 41 523 sq.m.

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04 March'09 (10 years ago)

The elite office center

The elite office center, 0.1 ha in the center of Kyiv. Permission for construction works realization is obtained, the total area according to the project - 1294 sq m.

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10 February'09 (10 years ago)

The hotel, unfinished building.

Tsehova str. 1 Ц Kulisha, L'viv. The hotel has 41 appartments, conference hall. It is 90% complete.

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