What is RSS

Now every self-respecting web site, blog or portal has a possibility to subscribe to RSS. Moreover the number of subscribers to the RSS-feed indicates the success and popularity of the resource. So what is it, this «eReSeS»?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) - is the format that describes the site content, without affecting the design and structure. When you use the data in RSS-format:

  • firstly, the user gets access to news,
  • secondly, the owners of web sites can share the information.

Messages in RSS format are headline news with a short summary of the text. If you're interested in reading the whole article, just click on the RSS feed link, and you will be directed to the full article, simply and efficiently. In addition, using RSS-technology, you can place on your page headlines from other sites.

Relatively low traffic is the main advantage of using RSS-technology for reading news, because when you read news in RSS only the title, first few words of news and link to it are exported. If this news is interesting, you can read it by clicking on the link, if not – just skip it. This format also allows you to avoid viruses; RSS is a text representation format and there is nowhere virus can locate.

How to use RSS

If you want to be well informed about all new products and announcements on all sites you are interested in, but do not visit each of them separately, you can use one of the special program-aggregators (or RSS-reader), preliminary specifying a list of RSS-files you are interested in. The RSS-aggregator will automatically, in the given time space, check resources specified in settings and show you all the changes in them in a form of solid row.

Web aggregators that are websites to collect and display RSS-feeds such as Yandex.Lenta, Google Reader or Bloglines are also popular today. In addition, for reading RSS-feeds there are special online services such as Lenta.Yandex.Ru. Many modern web browsers and mail clients are able to work with RSS-feeds, among them are Safari, Maxthon, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer (since version 7.0).

You have understood already how RSS can help you to save time and money. For example, if in your bookmarks there are 20 blogs so you have to open all of them in order to check them for updates. You lose both time and money performing all these procedures, - the traffic is not rubber. Thus, RSS-format allows you to solve the problems, which were unsolvable previously.

So, there is no doubt, RSS - is a very useful thing!


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