Freedom: Gateway Or Exit? Weve Been Number-Tagged Now Is Admittance Still Denied?

The 1st thing our minds recall as we consider personal identification is possibly the numbers the ones that once had been tattooed on concentration camp prisoners hands Names are just useless as long as the numbers shall serve nicely for you.

“It’s no privacy if there’s no parrot involved” – net chat

The 1st thing our minds recall as we consider personal identification is possibly the numbers – the ones that once had been tattooed on concentration camp prisoners’ hands…  Names are just useless as long as the numbers shall serve nicely for you. Names are much alike - all of them -and that leads to confusions. A passport number, number of your bank account, of your mobile phone, your IP address, ID figures and IMEI code - what are those multitudinous numbers actually for?

As godly creations we come to this world to be free. Each and every of us happened, due to His will, to have power to elect between light and darkness, good and evil. All through the course of human history an unconquerable desire of a human being to solely rule the world inspired innumerable devastations and eventually caused bitter social disasters. No comments needed when such names as Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet are being uttered, the characters of those historic dramas are long since come to ice-cold oblivion, yet notions like ‘war’, ‘holocaust’, ‘artificial famine’  - when being mentioned - do give creeps.

Why all this come to be? Profit addiction encourages global intriguing. National governments come to stand for cipher (just the way former rural-areas soviets’- guv’ners used to be) when it comes to them facing multinational tycoons. When cocaine (oil-, gas-) fields are at stake, war of any scale and form is the item on the agenda and brand new methods of warfare - like trade wars and botnet attacks appear to be handy…  Karl Marx, a recognized authority in the field of capitalist economics theory wrote that no crime whatever is an obstacle when there’s profiteering involved.

Bourgeois society is full of drawbacks, yet never in the history of civilization there has been a more efficient man-made economic model. Communism did not manage to strangle the sense of human self-identification, nor did it make an individual forget that his right of material possession can be guaranteed and social freedoms secured by a democratic state. Socialism in itself turned to be a long and painful way to capitalist democracy.

Internet, cell phones, e-money are but attributives of globalized cyber-community, means of communicating and getting access to info, instantly and on demand.

Nevertheless, as high-ups of this world prospect, nothing’s dished out for free. One has to spend and not money alone is there to be spent. Personal freedom happens to be means of payment, too.  The speed the liberty exhausts itself with, is most dramatic. ID number is the best thing to be mentioned in relation to the above.  None of a bank account be opened nor a real estate deal done without an ID number. You are applying for a visa to the Old World? Please get you finger ready for your fingerprint has to be filed.

It goes without saying – ID is indispensable in cases of money-laundering prevention and combating terrorism. Via ID number your taxes over dues are kept track. Fingerprint databases and information systems worldwide seem to hold unified data – both on law-offenders and good citizens, too. Hence, (potentially) you are a would-be wrongdoer even if there’s nothing on your record by now.

But here is my question:  why are all those pains taken while privacy of your phone IMEI is being compromised? Is it something to do with possible smuggling case prevention? How about monitoring each and every net user by his/her IP address activity protocol? Is user‘s sex orientation in issue? No, we’ve just been chosen as target for surveillance and eventual manipulations. That’s what really counts.

We have been taken stock of, all of us and numbered. We’re long since seized to be free. There’s one sunny spot in the darkness of financial crisis anyway and that’s of e-money giving way.  Still we’ve got cash handy.  Just for the time being …

Let’s make it clear. Who is the big daddy to control our earnings and expenditure?  Who’s keen at knowing whom we voted for at last elections? Who is tracking our beloved ones? Even our hobby-horses are subject to some sort of investigation.  Democracy means the rule of demos.  Running business happens in a free economy only. We have not been created to be zombies. We are free and self-sufficient in our strife for better destiny.




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