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Pavlo Sheremeta (3) 09 July'09 (10 years ago)

Is rapid growth ever possible without iron-hand rule?

There's something schizophrenic about governing a state. Two totally different processes are involved in it - taking a decision and implementing it. As Dr Adizes contends, these two acts cant be performed with the same level of efficiency within capacity of one and the same regime. The quality of a managerial decision gets markedly improved provided it has been discussed in accordance with democratic principles. This prior discussion - though democratic and free makes implementation of any such decision too delayed an action, however.

Pavlo Sheremeta (3) 01 June'09 (10 years ago)

The National Mission of Malaysia

A common goal that might have united the country has been long and eagerly discussed in Ukraine. To my mind Malaysian experience appears to be useful in this discussion for the latter had developed the National Mission 2006-2020 back in the early eighties.

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Pavlo Sheremeta (3) 13 May'09 (10 years ago)

Call me euroasian.

China became the third economy in the world, which has recently passed round Germany. Chinese yuan will be the world currency soon. The unified market of Shanghai and Hong Kong will be the World Financial Center, not New York and London. So, the first thing we should do is to recognize Ukraine as not only European country but Euroasian country too. And it is better to stop pulling faces when we hear the word Euroasian. There is nothing wrong with this word. We are not just Eastern Europe. We may also be Western Asia. To be more precise, we can be a bridge from Eastern Europe to Western Asia, and vice versa, and this is our great potential advantage, not disadvantage.

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Rostyslav Datskiv (1) 17 April'09 (10 years ago) Comments: 1

Freedom: Gateway Or Exit? Weve Been Number-Tagged Now Is Admittance Still Denied?

The 1st thing our minds recall as we consider personal identification is possibly the numbers the ones that once had been tattooed on concentration camp prisoners hands Names are just useless as long as the numbers shall serve nicely for you.

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