Rostyslav Datskiv



Rostislav Dats'kiv is Candidat of Science (Economics), working for Ph.D degree now. He also is top executive in "Eco-Dim" Company.

Graduate of Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko, Rostislav has worked at the Reforms Institute (Kyiv), Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Parliament) participating in drafting about 15 laws. He also exercised professional internship under Fulbright Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program at Warsaw University.

Mr Dats'kiv is the author of the book "State Economic Security: Global Competition Challanges" as well as of 50 articles on international economic affairs.

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Freedom: Gateway Or Exit? Weve Been Number-Tagged Now Is Admittance Still Denied?

The 1st thing our minds recall as we consider personal identification is possibly the numbers the ones that once had been tattooed on concentration camp prisoners hands Names are just useless as long as the numbers shall serve nicely for you.

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