Middle of the Week Thoughts: Neurobiology and irrational management

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I always thought about what makes people successful? What is success? I know many talented people who could not realize themselves, and is not appreciated by society. Then their emotional dissatisfaction results leads to an intellectual "stop". Modern research on neurobiology indicate that decision-making emotions play a bigger role than logic ones.

Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scientists have identified brain areas that are responsible for our emotions, rationality, morality, that makes us capable of learning, provides job satisfaction. Our brain creates the experience itself under various internal processes that occur there. And because everyone lives in his mental world, which he builds for himself. All around are their own picture of the world, and therefore our actions towards them not always to lead to the desired result.

Reading a lot of modern research in effective business decisions, I have concluded that their unifying idea is that logic means confirming those findings that we have done at a subconscious level. It is known as the process of solving complex scientific or practical problems separated into two phases: analysis and synthesis. Analysis lies in the range of complex problems easier, and synthesis - an association of simple solutions of problems in resolving the original problem. The logic is responsible for analysis, but our emotions and intuition - for synthesis. So, depending on the goals we must skillfully use these functions of our brain to achieve and enjoy our activities.

Home hypothesis of modern scientific thought is that we can see an objective picture of the world. On the other hand, neurobiology argues that all our knowledge about the world - it is our personal version of the world. This paradigm defines our way of thinking and decision making. Although the paradigm is stable entities in the brain of people, but they also suffer "quantum" changes in the evolution of humanity. The classic example of such transformation paradigms of thinking can be considered a transformation of human knowledge about the structure of the universe in the Renaissance. By the sixteenth century. common and scientific knowledge was thought that the Earth is the center of the universe, and all the rest of the Sun and planets move around it. First, the theory has seen a large number of amendments to explain planetary motion deviation from the planned trajectories. And then the old paradigm was completely destroyed by Nicholas Copernicus, who put in the center of the universe sun. Perhaps with the recent discoveries of neurobiology is time to change our paradigm of thinking, making decisions on consumption, investment etc.. This will revolutionize our understanding of the world in which we live, change the human value system aimed at total selfishness and competition in the business environment.

They say that when Aristotle looked at the human brain, he thought that it was a device for cooling the blood. But now you know exactly which areas of the brain responsible for processing various data coming from the bodies of feelings for the accumulation of information, memories, higher mental activity, etc., the whole reminding your computer. However, unlike the computer brain amygdala produces feelings that can change the shade and cognitive brain operations.

Opinion is not placed in a cell, but in the relationship between  the cells. Electric charge reaches the end of the neuron, releasing chemicals (neurotransmitters) that move along the groove (synapse), filled with fluid, to the next neuron that receives the signal. Chemical composition synapse explains why repetition is so important to master the skills, habits and forces a precondition for certain stereotypes. A variety of external stimuli leads to the formation of new neural networks that expand our thinking. It turns out that the idea of a higher level (deep values and judgments) define the idea of lower levels. Therefore, changes to higher levels of neural networks are more resilient and holistic than changes at lower levels. Therefore, cognitive therapy, aimed at changing the mentality is more effective than medical methods designed to influence synapse, or methods to alter behavior, particularly carrot and stick. Speaking just from a practical point of view, if we select the correct main idea, all other processes of thinking agree with this idea, andwe will achieve a successful result.

Our thinking - is our reality in the film adaptation of the same literary work. The trouble is that we do not know what this work. And even deeper question: is it working? Our movies should have an internal meaning for us. To do this, common sense plays a function of human internal editing that picture. Thus emerging paradigm of thinking that lead to various political, social, scientific and religious views. To these different paradigms can be kept in our brain long enough, you start thinking processes that they would constantly "opening" and "purifing". This is achieved through telling stories about themselves, relatives, business partners, customers ... that is history - a way of keeping our previous experience that sets the direction for the logical development of ideas. That's why so many ideological modes worked Nazi Germany and Communist Soviet Union, telling stories that change the paradigm of innate humanistic thinking people. The last two millennium mankind in many training set logical thinking that is just the final stage of making a decision. But thinking logically precedes intuition, thinking paradigm, based on world history and personal experience. Therefore it is very important to understand that history is the most viable to promote creativity, enhance the pleasure of life. Examples of such stable, inspiring life stories is a world religion. Each of these religions operating life stories of leaders as "God's commandments" or rules to serve only a brief summary. Is difficult to understand the new rules, because it lets them through logical thinking. Man tries to one-dimensional projection through the paradigm of thinking to resume its multi (infinite-dimensional) original. And do it for untrained brain can be very difficult. And here come to the aid of history, transmitted from mouth to mouth with minor modifications and interpretations of their speakers. Thus appears the history that allows people to have common views on various projection paradigm.

I think it's time to write new history for mankind, which would integrate a portion of existing paradigms, and the other would give mankind. In particular, it could relate to the modern paradigm of economic thinking, which is a separate projection of ulitarism of modern world. Imagine that the "new economy" is trying to maximize its consumption, but rather to restrain it daily, getting pleasure from the "lengthening" of neural networks in our heads, going from the lowest to the highest levels of consciousness? These new paradigms have completely changed the way the world economy, world stock markets, was to total revaluation of different assets. Once such views have long come to mind to many thinkers of the world, then perhaps we are on the way.

Life - is the only functioning system of interconnected vessels. So let's not take on the financial losses that are only signal that should look at the growth in our other "vessels". (Based on books by Charles Jacobs Neuromanagement, Management Rewired: Why Feedback Doesn't Work and Other Supervisory Lessons From The Latest Brain Science)


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Barakuda 24/06/2010 16:41

«…Так багато працювали ідеологічні режими фашистської Німеччини та комуністичного СРСР, розповідаючи історії, які змінювали вроджені гуманістичні парадигми мислення людей…»

Судячи з даного твердження, можна припусти, що повторюваність дає позитивний результат. Тоді повторюваність реклами теж має давати необхідний результат для зміни парадигми як потрібно виробнику. Але натомість ми отримуємо протилежний ефект: що більше, то гірше.

Тому цілком логічним є Ваше твердження:
«...Мені здається, що настав час писати нову історію для людства …»

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