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We are here to present you a web-adviser that will help you easily orientate in a rough sea of financial innovations.
People are always talking about the fact that numbers manage the world; at least there is no doubt that numbers show us the way as it is managed.
Johann Goethe

Dear friends!

Increasingly more various financial products appear at the Ukrainian market every year. The investment funds of the Ukrainian asset management companies (AMC) became the "chip" of season 2007 in particular. Greater popularity among Ukrainians acquired private pension funds, products of life-insurance, corporate medical insurance etc. These financial and insurance instruments are new for the Ukrainian market, but have long-term history of existence for the developed western financial environment. For us, Ukrainians, it is necessary to understand quickly a peculiarity and utility of every new financial product because of its effective use.

  • In what currency to hold savings in a bank? – one of the most important questions, which is put by Ukrainians at the beginning of 2008.
  • What to do when the real estate market does not bring the expected profitability already?
  • What to expect from inflation?
  • How to compile an optimal investment portfolio in the modern terms of the Ukrainian financial market?
  • How to keep up with the tendencies of the investment portfolio?
  • How not to be trapped with new financial products?
  • In which bank there is a possibility to take a credit on better terms?
  • How to develop an individual financial plan for all family?

Our individualized financial web-service, the "Investment consultant", will answer on these and other questions.

You may ask: "Why individualized?" And the answer is very simple: “Because financial advices and doctor advices are very much alike. Everybody come to a doctor and ask to prescribe a medicine from something… But as many people as many different problems that is why cure for everyone will be different.” The same thing happened with finances. However everybody comes across the same problem: how to find an optimum balanced investment portfolio? But the solution of this problem is unique for everyone.

It is said that a person it is what he consumes. Consuming, a person exposes its tastes, likings, hopes. A person also lays away part of consumption as current investments. A consumption of various financial products we can consider as a future profit investment. Person’s financial consumption depends on its attitude towards risk. We can notice that some people prefer not to risk with financial instruments, for example, bank deposits, but others try to find beneficial capital investments at the real estate market, buy corporate rights, investing capital in business, form shares’ investment portfolio at the stock market or apply to an asset management company in order to buy investment certificates.

We developed a small questionnaire in order to determine your attitude towards risk. You have to fill in a form, so that our advice "correspond" your investment style. Further our adviser will ask you to denote the investment capital size which you plan to dispose of, and will choose best assets at the stock market

Until Ukrainian fund market is not liquid enough, we will offer you optimum diversification amongst bank deposits and share investment funds, but afterwards many novelties, new financial products, new strategies, new communication technologies will be waiting for you.

Proficient financial analysts team at the head with the project financial coordinator Yevhen Pentsak, well-known guru of financial management Mykhailo Kolisnyk and experienced team of project software developers of “ABK-Technologies” will work with you and always will be pleased to answer on all your questions.

Welcome to our page and wish you realization of successful investment strategies!

With kind regards,
Project team!


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